Denver Colorado

Great Plains
Super Launch

The premier High Altitude Ballooning Experience

Summer 2024
Dates to be decided soon...

About the Event

Welcome to the Great Plains Super Launch website, your go-to source for information about the premier high altitude ballooning event in North America. For over two decades, the GPSL has been bringing together the brightest and most innovative amateur balloonists from the US and abroad.

Started in 2001 by Paul Verhage, the GPSL has grown into an annual event that attracts enthusiasts from around the midwest, and beyond. In 2024, the GPSL will be sponsored by the Edge of Space Sciences in Denver, Colorado.

The symposium will likely be held on a Friday in July or August of 2024. The event will culminate with a mass balloon launch on Saturday. Stay tuned for updates and details about the 2024 GPSL symposium, and join us for an unforgettable experience.

2024 Symposium Venue

The 2023 GPSL will be sponsored by the Edge of Space Sciences in Colorado.


Details are being worked out for the 2024 GPSL in Denver. It will likely be held in July or August of 2024, but check back soon for details.

GPSL Reflector