Flight Predictions

The eastern half of Kansas, including Hutchinson, is in a slight risk area for severe weather for Thursday.  The activity will be along a weakening cold front and should occur primarily in the evening.  Friday and Saturday will be hot with afternoon highs in the mid 90s and dewpoints in the low 60s.  Storms are likely again Saturday night as a stronger cold front moves through the area.  Sunday will be about 10-15 degrees cooler and quite a bit drier.
Saturday morning's launch conditions should be very good.  Surface winds should be from the south at about 5 mph and temperatures will be in the mid 70s at 8am with only scattered clouds.
73 de Mark N9XTN

Flight predictions have been varying wildly as there is a front passing through the area around Saturday morning, and will affect trajectories depending on exact timing.  Predictions will be updated regularly, thanks to Jerry Gable.

Saturday, June 17th

Predictions are close to what they have been for the last few days.  Landings will be East and slightly South of Newton.

20170617 pri sm


Friday, June 16th AM

Only running Primary site today.  Unless the weather changes significantly we will be using the Hutchinson airport site.

This morning all flights will land beyond Newton.  Even the 1100FPM ascent/descent clears newton by about 10 miles.

20170616 AM pri sm



Thursday, June 15th

Today's predictions have moved a little farther north.  The landing zone looks like Newton and just east of Newton.

20170615 pri sm

Secondary Site

20170615 sec sm

Wednesday, June 14th

Today is about the same as yesterday. The predictions are a north of Wichita.  Most are under 20 miles out.  It looks like the winds above ~60K feet are pulling the balloons back to the west.

20170614 pri sm

Secondary Site

20170614 sec sm 

Tuesday, June 13th

Today it looks like the predictions are a little farther north of Wichita and a little shorter.  Most are under 20 miles out.  It looks like the winds above ~60K feet are pulling the balloons back to the west.

20170613 pri sm

Secondary Site

20170613 sec sm

Monday, June 12th

Today's landing's are roughly 25 miles east-southeast, landing just north of Wichita.

20170612 pri sm

Secondary Launch Site

20170612 sec sm



Sunday, June 11th

Flight tracks show a path southeast, at 25 miles.  The city of Wichita could be an issue on this track.

20170611 pri sm


Secondary Launch Site

20170611 sec sm 


Saturday, June 10th

Tracks carrying southwest at 22 miles.

20170610 pri sm


Secondary Launch Site

20170610 sec sm